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NOVA | Scented Soap & Cleansing Bath and Shower Mitt

NOVA | Scented Soap & Cleansing Bath and Shower Mitt

VOYA’s invigorating scented soap and cleansing exfoliating mitt duo is the perfect gift to please any family member or friend. Suitable for all skin types, VOYA’s iconic scented spearmint and rosemary seaweed soap bar can now be enjoyed with our exfoliating shower and bath sisal mitt for deep body cleansing.

Reduce waste by storing your soap in the cleansing mitt which doubles up as a soap pouch, keeping it safe and reducing waste. 



This set contains:

  • Cleansing Shower & Bath Mitt -An organic all-rounder, gentle and soft enough to use as a facial scrub, but strong enough to exfoliate rough areas like elbows, knees, and feet. Sisal is an entirely natural renewable resource. Made from 100% organic sisal grass fibres. ​
  • Invigorating Seaweed Soap Bar (150g) - VOYA's Spearmint & Rosemary seaweed soap bar has been formulated to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. This seaweed soap contains organic seaweed, hand harvested off the west coast of Ireland. This soap promotes a velvety rich lather that moisturises as it cleanses, leaving the skin feeling silky soft.
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